Thumbnail for the Bauhaus Pattern Generator

Bauhaus Pattern Creator

An interactive webpage for creating images in the Bauhaus pattern style.
Thumbnail for Emoji Match

Emoji Match

A game for 2+ players, where one person secretly chooses an emoji, then everyone else works together to figure out what it is.
Thumbnail for Film Barcodes

Film Barcodes

An interactive webpage that shows the average colour of a film at ten-second intervals.
Thumbnail for Film Franchise Ratings

Film Franchise Ratings

An interactive webpage for exploring the ratings of popular film franchises.
Thumbnail for Flickr

Flickr Account

My optical illusions, charts, fractals, mazes and other graphical experiments.
Thumbnail for the Glitch Generator

Glitch Generator

A downloadable tool for applying a wide range of glitches to images.
Thumbnail for In Character

In Character

A short puzzle-platform game, where you turn into different letters to navigate the levels.
Thumbnail for the Lottery Simulator

Lottery Simulator

An interactive webpage that simulates UK lotteries.
Thumbnail for the Minecraft Glazed Terracotta Pattern Generator

Glazed Terracotta
Pattern Generator

An interactive webpage that randomly generates nice/terrible patterns.
Thumbnail for Reel Time

Reel Time

A list of films by increasing amounts of time.
Thumbnail for the Space Generator

Space Generator

A webpage that generates a space scene, using unicode and emojis.
Thumbnail for UK Singles Chart: Number 1s

UK Singles Chart: Number 1s

An interactive webpage for exploring the UK music charts.
Thumbnail for the White Noise Image Generator

White Noise Image Generator

An interactive webpage for generating images that simulate white noise.